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Rental Programs

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River City Music offers a wide variety of instruments available for rental.

Instrument Rentals

River City Music's instrument rental program is the perfect way to introduce yourself or your child to a world of creative expression through music. We offer the lowest rental fees in Vancouver, and a wide variety of instruments to fit your needs or specific playing style. We rent in multiple categories dependent on the condition of the instrument and we offer an optional maintenance coverage option on top of your rent to safeguard against potential damage it may receive through use.

Don’t sign long contracts with other Music Stores! All of our rentals are billed on a month to month basis which allows you the flexibility to return or exchange your rental instrument at any time.

Click here for our current Instrument Rental Price Guide

PA System Rentals

Need a PA System for your next event, or concert? River City Music offers affordable PA System rentals for daily use.

Standard PA Package includes:

  • Two (2) 15" Main Speakers
  • Power Amp / Mixer Combo
  • One (1) Microphone
  • All Necessary Cables

Not exactly what you are looking for? We can build other PA Packages that better suit your needs.

PA Rental Pricing

Standard PA Package: $100.00

  • Pricing is for the term of One (1) day (24-hours)
  • Valid Drivers License and Credit Card Required
  • Customer is responsible for pick-up and return
  • Delivery and other options are available upon request

Please call ahead to check availablity or to have us hold the system for a specific day.

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